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Urd [Century Media]

Borknagar is arguably one of the most interesting bands from the famed Scandinavian black/folk metal scenes. Formed as an alternative to the brutality of the mid-90’s Euro-death scene, the Norwegian act has always taken melody over malevolence …

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Brendon Small’s Galaktikon [Self-released]

For those of you without cable, the internet or any recollection of three years ago, Brendon Small is the creative genius behind the animated series Metalocalypse, featuring the “pretend” band Dethklok which ironically became one of …

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Kenny Aronoff

Fueled by an undeniable spirit
by Stephen Stern, executive editor, Music Insider Magazine

From the outside he resembles a Pontiac GTO convertible – a vintage American muscle car, with his strong features, bald noggin and power strokes. But underneath the …

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Rising up from the ashes of the central coast in California, Hateshop was created in 2008, by guitarists Bill Doty, Mark Schiesl, drummer, Brian McLaughlin and bassist, Steve Gourley. Their history as long time friends shows on stage by the …

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Growing Your Fan Base

How to handle your existing email addresses
by Hank Stroll

Having an email database is extremely important when trying to get the word out about your band or company. Following these initial guidelines will help you to increase the number …

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Ronnie Montrose

Tribute to a true legend
by Gene Baker

This is my first article for Music Insider Magazine and I’m very glad to shed my point of view being a struggling artist, and all the trials and tribulations that I deal …

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From Rock ‘n Roll to The Stereo Flow

A lifetime love affair in music
Teri Doty, editor-in-chief, Music Insider Magazine interviews Dan McConomy of The Stereo Flow

What started out at a high school in Los Angeles turned into a lifetime love affair in the music business.

Working …

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Blood for the Master

[Metal Blade]

Like razors shot straight from Satan’s mouth, Goatwhore’s newest blackened opus, Blood for the Master, shreds eardrums as it flies from your speakers. Just as extreme and unapologetically metal as 2009’s Carving Out the …

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