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Best music themed games

With the advances in gaming technology, the music business has been able to produce games that let users sing, play and dance along with their favorite songs, using controls shaped as dance mats, instruments and microphones. Here are some of

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Make More Money

by following the 10,000 hour principle using YouTube
by Steve Kayser

There is nothing better than playing music live, doing it well and seeing the crowd respond — besides, of course, doing that and also getting paid for it. But …

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Contracts 101

[pdf layout=”1″ width=”1280″ height=”1024″ bgcolor=”FFFFFF” allow_full_screen_=”1″ show_flip_buttons=”1″ flip_timelaps=”6000″ ] Understand the basics to get a happy ending
by Stephen Stern, executive editor

The words “my lawyer” or “contractual obligation” often substantially increase heart rates, blood pressure and anxiety levels. This …

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