Best music themed games

With the advances in gaming technology, the music business has been able to produce games that let users sing, play and dance along with their favorite songs, using controls shaped as dance mats, instruments and microphones. Here are some of the very best music-themed games.

The Beatles: Rock Band

It wasn’t until 2009 that the Fab Four got into the music games market, but this game is a winner all the way. Using drum or guitar controls, you play along with songs like Helter Skelter and Day Tripper, with points for accuracy and differing levels of difficulty. Plus, the graphics throughout are superb.

Guitar Hero

This is a 2005 game, which sees people compete to hit the onscreen notes using guitar-shaped game controls. It features songs ranging from Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand to Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple and lets you score points depending on how many correct chords, notes and sustains you hit.

Vinyl Countdown

This is a mobile casino slot that uses the golden age of vinyl as its theme. The five reels contain images of records, 1950s-style dancers and glitterballs, while the soundtrack features snatches of rocking tunes. As with most online slots, you compete for a jackpot (1000 coins), but you can win smaller payouts as well if you get matching reels.

Just Dance

This 2009 game tests your dance moves to songs like Blurred Lines and Get Lucky, and is now in its fifth edition. It uses a dance mat controller, with scoring based on your accuracy, skill and speed and also contains a practice mode for warming up.

Def Jam Rapstar

This is another music simulation game, this time involving rapping, where you showcase your flow to tunes like Gin and Juice by Snoop Dogg and Stand Up by Ludacris. Dating from 2010, you can play in either party or career mode, with both featuring eight different songs you have to master.

Any of these games would make an ideal party piece to get everyone up and playing, but Guitar Hero may still be the one that has the widest appeal.

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