Blood for the Master

[Metal Blade]

Like razors shot straight from Satan’s mouth, Goatwhore’s newest blackened opus, Blood for the Master, shreds eardrums as it flies from your speakers. Just as extreme and unapologetically metal as 2009’s Carving Out the Eyes of God, Blood for the Master brings a bit of evolution to the band in the form of focused songwriting, dynamics and diversity. Goatwhore’s loyalty to the likes of Venom and Celtic Frost isn’t compromised a bit on this album, yet they have transcended the stigmata of being an “old-school” band by owning their morbid brand of metal as if they invented it themselves. And in many ways they did just that. By blending venomous (pun intended) black metal, speed-addled trash and good ol’ fashion, bullshit-free death metal, Goatwhore convincingly pulls off a sound that many other acts can only ape. Blood for the Master sees the band beating us over the head with that sound harder than ever. Shades of Motorhead and classic metal make their way into the mix and the band even gives us chance to rest during the acoustic intro to “Embodiment of This Bitter Chaos.” Sharpen your spiked wristbands and get ready to spill some blood for the master. – Ryan Ogle, editor, Music Insider Magazine

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