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By Bobby Borg

We’ve all heard of those infamous band meetings where members arrive late—only to talk (and sometimes scream) about important (and sometimes completely unimportant) matters in a disorganized fashion. Just watch Metallica’s documentary DVD, “Some Kind of Monster”

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Shai Nathali

Shai-NathaliNathli’s story starts in a small town in Poland. She was the daughter of a great vocalist and musician. Nathli often says that she got her vocal talent from her father. When she was just one year old, he passed …

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The Glamz

Rising pop divas

by Nicole Flores

Saying goodbye to the past with a hair-flipping brand new attitude, The Glamz are setting their sights on reaching every high note attainable within the music industry. After working together for over two years

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The Road to Coachella

5 relatively unknown bands make it big

by Andy Franco

Back on November 5, 1993, I saw Pearl Jam play at the Empire Polo Fields in Indio, Calif. The concert was epic minus the whole “shoe the shoeless” antics, and …

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Studio Session Pointers

10 mistakes to avoid

by Kenny Lewis

As a sound engineer and producer, over the years, I’ve seen practically everything that could possibly go wrong in a studio session happen. Not being prepared, not having the right team and not …

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The Doughboys

by Ted Lyons

I first saw The Doughboys in 1965. I just finished a Friday night rehearsal with the Plainfield, NJ St. Mary’s Boys Choir and was making my way up from the basement when I heard The Yardbirds “For …

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Industry Connections

Small Record Labels

Building your brand

by Russel Cooke

For many people, personal taste in music is a way to define themselves. Teens all over the world write their favorite band names on their backpacks, wear band T-shirts, sew patches onto jackets and …

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The Street Team

Ground-level takeover
by Tamara Halbritter

Almost every new band and even some established bands have had a night where only seven people show up. The sound echoes off the empty walls. The energy level in the joint is so low, …

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