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The Art Of Singing Onstage And In The Studio

Understanding the Psychology, Relationships, and Technology  in Performing and Recording

SingingonStageandStudioTo be a great singer, talent and technique are obviously important, as are having excellent songs and being able to move an audience. But there’s more to it than that,

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SONA “A Tribute To Passion & Perseverance”

With arguably more cover bands per capita than just about anywhere in the country, making a name for yourself in the convoluted music scene of Northern California is no small feat. It’s also not something Sona Lofaro takes for granted. …

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Music News

Glenn Frey

Soaring with the Eagles and beyond

by Music Insider Magazine editor

Glenn Frey, co-founder of the 70’s LA rock group, The Eagles passed away on Monday, January 18th after suffering complications from rheumatoid arthritis, pneumonia, and acute ulcerative colitis.

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