Shai Nathali

Shai-NathaliNathli’s story starts in a small town in Poland. She was the daughter of a great vocalist and musician. Nathli often says that she got her vocal talent from her father. When she was just one year old, he passed away, and so she didn’t have a chance to know him. She started signing at a very young age. She would sing, write songs, and perform for friends, family and anybody that would listen. Even when people would tell her how hard the industry was, this would not stop Nathali.

At age 13 she performed as a special guest on the main stage at one of Poland’s largest music festivals. Nathali’s live performances were so captivating that she was chosen to be a model and go through the training to compete to
be Miss Poland. She quickly became one of the top models for the Grabowska agency. This is a testament to Nathli’s drive and determination. Even with her success in modeling, her passion was in her music.

Her music over the years has gotten stronger as she has learned to write from her heart and let her life experiences be the inspiration for her songs. Even when she released covers “Help the People” and “Say Something” on the internet, people started sharing and liking them as they had an instant emotional connection with her.

Nathli remembers meeting producer, Sebastian Thiel, who she credits with helping her to produce her first single ”
My Game.” Because of this song being promoted on Twitter and The YouTube channel, producer Kenny Lewis (Erika Van Pelt from American Idol, Stryper), from Middleton, MA, found her. Kenny then made a great remix of “My Game.” The new mix gave the track more of an American feel and brought out some more of Nathli’s unique vocal characteristics. This opened her up to the American audience and she quickly be came the number one played artist on Boston Station, WJMX even though she was outside the stations format.

Kenny is now working with her along with producer/ music director Mark Delcore (Britney Spears) and Writer/ Producer Bryan Lamontagne on a full record . Nathali’s is quickly catching the attention of fans and industry alike.
Nathali according to website Twitterland is in the top 10 percent of popular accounts on twitter. Her fan base has grow to almost 80,000 people in less than a year and she is very devoted to her fans and followers. She also hit number one on Reverbnation in Krakow in May of 2015 for pop vocalist and has remained at number one through Sept. 2015.

Nathali is currently working on new material, new video and will be making appearances in late 2015 and 2016.

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