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Music Industry plagued by retitling of songs

Millions missing in unreported artist royalties. New report reveals prolific problems with royalties in the music licensing landscape for artists and companies.

March 13th 2013: A new infographic report “State of the Music Licensing Industry: 2013” just …

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Alice In Chains – Hollow

Turning in circles, slowing down
Pulling against a closing out
Easy to feed off a weaker thing
Harder to say what I really mean

Hollow as a mountain all tunneled and drilled below
Hollow as a mountain crowned with …

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New Approaches to Music Licensing

How to create a proper strategy
by Winston Giles

Music LIcensingThe way that people discover, purchase and listen to music has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. CD sales continue to fall, legal music downloads are flat, and illegal downloading …

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Building Your ‘Musical Village’

3 foundational requirements
by Stephen Stern, executive editor

Short of going viral, Gangnam Style, busting through the density of the entertainment lithosphere takes a village — a village far different in mindset and skillset than a decade ago and, to …

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by Brian McKinny

When Soundgarden was in their heyday during the 90’s, there wasn’t a bigger fan of the band anywhere to be found on this spinning blue rock we call the Earth than I was. The eclectic time signatures, …

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Kill Devil Hill – Strange

Way’s this place so sad when throwing things in the air
Seeing you not sick can you use anymore

Over my head I feel I’m sinking down deeper still
There’s no way home from here
Into the fog I just …

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Gearheads Unite

The rise and fall of the pedal board
by Gene Baker, editor, Music Insider Magazine

ear in any industry goes through fads. In the guitar world, much of these gear trends are driven by technology and its perpetual wheel of …

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