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Beneath the hype

The same year Apple launched its iTunes Music Store, and the website ArtistShare gave artists an alternative to traditional funding and distribution channels. Since that time in 2003, digital music sales have surged and crowdfunding sites have …

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Lacuna Coil

Nothing stands in our way

Andrea Ferro (male vocalist) and Marco Coti Zelati (bassist) did not have Lacuna Coil in mind when they were skateboarders back in the 90s. They made a pact to play songs from their favorite records …

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Industry Connections

Handling Rejection

Chin up, chest out

A reaction to music happens faster than a speed date. As you start to sweat and stare nervously at the person sitting directly across from you on your five-minute date, you may have an instant reaction. …

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Business Sense

Writing your Band Bio

4 ways to make you shine

Your band biography introduces you to potential labels, managers, journalists and fans — and shows your credibility. As a key component of your press kit and online presence, it should accurately represent your band. …

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Brand Basics

Avoiding the identity crisis

Recently, I saw St. Vincent on “Saturday Night Live” and was captivated. During “Digital Witness,” the band was lit with a wash of deep purple and blue against a background grid, and the lead …

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