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Mesa Boogie Triple Crown

2017 January NAMM show was drawing closer as I anticipated the arrival of the new Mesa Boogie Triple Crown amplifier that we were going to be using as a booth demo amp for my b3 line of guitars.

This new …

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Tater’s Retirement after 10 Years

Ryan “Tater” Johnson a founding member of the band 10 years 1998-2016 has stepped away from the radio rock world for his solo project named Tyler. He records, mixes, and produces himself and really enjoys getting to be the architect.

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KillSET based out of L.A., California is the integration of a professional, well-oiled, finely tuned metal machine and an explosive, supercharged charismatic front man.

The band was created when former ARCM members, James “Jas” Dillon (Drums), Mark Baker (Bass), and 

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Art of Anarchy – Scott Stapp

There’s nothing quite as exciting as the comeback – seeing someone with dreams, watching them decline, and then getting that second chance.

Scott Stapp’s career has been nothing short of the proverbial roller coaster ride, from a hard-earned, yet meteoric …

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Music News

Art of Dying

There is an old saying which claims that great art is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration. The truth though is that exceptional creativity is nurtured by a complexly brewed combination of unswerving dedication and God-given talent. It’s a fact no

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Memoirs of a Fender Master Builder

1993 was a pivotal year in my life. I was about to get married, and I had been working as an apprentice to Senior Master Builder Roger Giffin at the Gibson West Custom Shop. Gibson was going through some restructuring

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