Stationhead: Where Fandom Lives

As the entire music industry races to develop the best platform for leveraging superfans, Stationhead’s rapid growth proves that open, fan-first platforms create healthier, stronger online communities. With over 17 million users across 1,000 fandoms, the popular hub for global fandoms to stream, chat, and connect has quickly evolved into the connective layer of music, organically attracting chart-topping artists to the app to interact with their most loyal fans.

Unlike more siloed fan experiences, Stationhead’s fandoms are open, fan-driven communities where music and connection is core to the experience. Fans can host release parties and drive their favorite bands to the top of the charts. Individual release parties have had over 1 million attendees. For artists, Stationhead provides an authentic, real, and lasting place that fans themselves love–and for that reason, artists feel safe and supported too. The by-product of this engagement is premium streams, music sales, and a closer connection to the most lean-in fans in the world. Stationhead drove over $15 million of revenue for the music industry in 2023 through incremental streams and with further monetization plans rolling out this year.

Stationhead Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Star has lived the ups and downs of the music industry–signed and dropped from four major label deals throughout his career. Ryan’s high school band had early success, signing with Madonna’s label, Maverick…just before the Napster fiasco. Before long, Ryan began his solo career, navigating the new digital landscape while learning the ropes of radio promotion and touring. By the end of his fourth major record deal, Ryan was exhausted, but he knew that the fuel that kept him going for so long was the connection to his fans–the ones waiting in line at merch tables and meet-and-greets.

“As a touring artist, I remember thinking ‘I know that in the real world, my real fans are waiting to see me at my bus at 2AM after the show. But where are they on the internet?’” says Ryan Star. “That was the inspiration for Stationhead.”

Originally designed to be an online space for fans to gather, chat and enjoy music together, Stationhead’s rapidly growing user base caught the attention of several artists like Nicki Minaj, Camila Cabello, Olivia Rodrigo, Cardi B, and Zayn Malik. While many brands catering to superfans pay artists millions to livestream or interact with fans on their platforms, all artists make their way to Stationhead organically. And it has paid off, as release parties have proven to drive significant value for artists–driving the first week sales of Nicki Minaj’s Red Ruby Da Sleeze by 50%, Beyoncé’s “Texas Hold ‘Em” by 14%, among many other new tracks on the charts.

“Artists love Stationhead because their fans love Stationhead,” says Stationhead Co-Founder and COO Murray Levinson. “We provide an authentic, real, and lasting place for fans that therefore makes artists feel safe and supported too.”

“This is a special place because fans know that their favorite artist isn’t being paid to make an appearance on Stationhead. They are doing it out of their own volition because they want to interact with you,” says Star. “Artists love it because their fans love it, and all of the streams are nice too.”

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