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JP Woodtone Tele Saddles

Gene Baker of Music Insider Magazine checking out some of John Page’s JP Woodtone Tele replacement saddles. Actual wood Tele saddles, compensated for each string for improved intonation, the wood saddle softens the trebles lightly. Try Ebony or Vera wood …

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Kill Devil Hill – Strange

Way’s this place so sad when throwing things in the air
Seeing you not sick can you use anymore

Over my head I feel I’m sinking down deeper still
There’s no way home from here
Into the fog I just …

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Rammstein – Engel

Live in virtue, no desire
In the grave an angel’s choir
You look to heaven and wonder why
No one can see them in the sky

Just as the clouds have gone to sleep
Angels can be seen in heavens …

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RUSH – Headlong Flight

All the journeys of this great adventure It didn’t always feel that way I wouldn’t trade them because I made them The best I could, and that’s enough to say
Some days were dark I wish that I could live …

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Black Veil Brides – COFFIN

Take your crosses
I’ll live without them
Standing wet in holy rain.
When you were baptized
Ignored the problem
That’s when I watched you seal your grave.

I tried to save you
But let you drink the pain
A final …

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