When do I give up the dream?

Last issue a musician asked for some advice from his peers. How old is too old to keep playing music?

Well, we’ve got some feedback for you!

Age is a factor for a number of reasons: 1. Less time to make money off of you, because 2. Less likely to be connected to what the music buying public wants. 3. More likely to be jaded, and not willing to make big sacrifices (like making no money). That said, if you love playing music, why give it up? Share your gift and have fun. You never know what’s gonna happen.

J.C., owner of MonkeyDream
These days (2012) where the competition is 10 fold than what it was 20 years ago. I would stop at 30. If not, just do something different with no fear. That will give you a real chance. Like have your band dress up in plastic and play in a shower of paint. Or throw rocks at the crowd, bet no one’s pulled that one off yet.

Craig Martin, drummer of OTR band, Gundacker Project, EVC and COTH
Play because you love to play…for no other reason really matters, is what my grandfather told me. I am 51 now and playing more than ever. That’s where the true gift lies, and I am lovin’ it!

David Duggan, musician/producer, At The Speed Of Light Productions
What is your definition of making it big. Signed? Fame and fortune? Obviously ‘Teen heartthrob’ is out.

There’s still hope though. You can still compose that, unique and yet familiar, song that could/should sale a million if only you could get it, out there. In the early years of American Hot Wax the public’s insatiable appetite for that next great hit almost guaranteed a chance at stardom. But that window became very small fast and chance almost overrode talent.

So with this 21st Century’s digital age with millions of online submissions on the thousands of venues the question still begs an answer. How does someone, ‘Make It Big?’ Here’s my advice. Record your song(s). Do not over produce. Keep it simple.

Video tape your sessions and gigs but only use the best quality footage with good audio. Concept videos should have some relation visually to the lyrics. Shop your product. Don’t limit yourself to the bands fame but look at shopping yourself and the songs themselves as well. You can sale your music online as well. Book gigs far and wide. Build your following by making your fans feel wanted and unique. Quality performances are a must.

And finally, try to enjoy what you’re doing. If you are enjoying what you’re doing your audiences will too. Good luck.

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