Haiti 10 Documentary with 5x GRAMMY® Winner Victor Wooten Debuts

Victor Wooten and Bekenson Pierre in Front of Collapsed Presidential Palace SmallSAN MARCOS, CA — Culturally and spiritually, music has an impact on communities around the world. This new 69 minute documentary focuses on a Haitian family who helps their neighbors in a time of great distress and later, a young man gets a surprise visit from his hero, five-time GRAMMY Award-winner Victor Wooten. This basic human truth is celebrated in Haiti 10, an incredible story of faith, love, and music helping a community rise above the horrific 2010 earthquake that devastated the island nation. Now available for public viewing on YouTube, Haiti 10 will inspire new audiences with its positive message of hope and resilience.

Amongst the Ruins smallThe magnitude 7.0 earthquake that struck Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010 left hundreds of thousands dead and more than 1 million homeless. While photojournalist Jon Moyer was visiting the country in September 2010 to help with recovery efforts, he met a pastor, his wife, and their 10 children, who were doing extraordinary things to help their community recover. With the support of their congregation, Pastor Pierre and his family committed to raising 20 orphaned or homeless children. On a second visit to Haiti in 2011, Moyer learned that Pastor Pierre’s second eldest child, Bekenson Pierre, played bass guitar, but his instrument was damaged after the earthquake. Moyer, with colleague Pete Johnston, teamed up with music industry insider Josh Vittek to help give this aspiring musician the greatest surprise—a new instrument delivered by his musical hero, Victor Wooten.

Jon Moyer Victor Wooten Pete Johnston Josh Vittek smallIn 2012, Wooten and his wife Holly, along with a film crew consisting of Moyer (director), Johnston (director of photography), Vittek (producer), Kindra French and Joe Brandi (co-producers), flew to Haiti to meet the Pierre family and deliver musical instruments. Manufacturers donated generously to this project. Dean Markley USA donated a lifetime of bass strings, shirts, wristbands, and glow-in-the-dark, guitar-shaped lapel pins for children in the community; Hartke provided a new A25 Bass Combo amplifier; and Cort Guitars donated an EARTH100 acoustic guitar and Arona 5 electric bass, the latter of which is featured prominently when Bekenson and Wooten have the opportunity to play for each other.

“When I first heard the story of Bekenson and his family, I knew I wanted to help. When I heard that Bekenson was a fan of my music, I knew that God had made a way,” Wooten narrates.

Haiti 10 shows how music helps to inspire and heal an amazing community. Now the film’s production team is excited to make this documentary available on YouTube for free viewing, while recognizing that Haiti is still recovering from the earthquake as well as the devastation of Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Ultimately, this film conveys a message of unity, both within the Haitian community and with support from other nations.

“I can’t wait for my kids to see this film because I think it’s not only going to help them, but I think this film can help the world,” Wooten concludes.

To watch Haiti 10, click here.
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