Top 15 most popular musicians on social media

The vibrant, the famous, and the striking singers now have social media accounts and channels too. A progressive approach to multiply fans in the most efficient way! Not only that these singers can reach the audience quickly through social media platforms but fans can also interact directly with the stars without any fuss.

Justin Bieber, favorite of many, was first observed on YouTube. He knows the art of staying in touch with fans better than anyone else. However, Rihanna gives him a shock as she proves herself to be the most expert on engaging her fans over various social media platforms. She tops the list of 15 most popular singers on social media. Justin follows him and then comes Eminem. Forth is Katy Perry. Shakira, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Lopez are at 5th to 10th position in respective order. At the bottom of this list are Britney Spears, Salena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Lil Wayne.

All this with complete stats was originally published by TicketsMove.


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