When we came across TalentWatch, we knew we were on to something big. Two areas that may jump out at you when visiting their site are their TV Show and their Online Music Competitions.

Their TV Show provides an unprecedented opportunity for music artists from around the world. Each episode introduces exciting artists currently flying under the radar. The show is an extension of TalentWatch.net’s mission of giving music artists an equal chance to be discovered. In fact, music fans help select the artists on the show.  In addition, there’s no cost to be a part of their show. ‘TalentWatch’ can be seen on Comcast TV, AT&T U-verse, Amazon Fire TV, and Comcast Big South. It will also air on Roku and Dish on Demand in the near future. They plan on continuing their expansion, adding new markets to give artists the exposure they deserve. You can click on https://www.talentwatch.net/tv for more information.

TalentWatch’s music competition platform is well-designed and extremely engaging to music fans. Industry professionals are plugging into TalentWatch’s platform to stage online music competitions for artists anywhere in the world. TalentWatch can customize any online music competition you can imagine, which opens up a plethora of opportunities for both artists and industry professionals. Not only do their music competitions offer substantial prizes, they also provide the artists with major exposure. To check out their competitions, you can click on https://www.talentwatch.net/competitions.

There’s a few more wrinkles that really make TalentWatch stand out. Besides music videos, every artist uploads a personal video where they tell their story. Where else can you get close and personal with a potential music star? In addition, the music fans on their site play an important role by judging artists on their talent, entertainment and likability, using a well-designed rating system. Bottom line- every music artist has an equal chance to rise to the top. Every single one. To learn more about TalentWatch you can visit them at http://www.talentwatch.net.

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