Q&A: Geoff Tate on Queensryche’s Ugly Split, Backstage Brawl in Brazil

Geoff Tate

Queensryche fans were stunned earlier this month when the news surfaced that the group had fired lead singer Geoff Tate. In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone, Tate reveals that he was equally stunned to learn that he was being forced out of the group he began playing with three decades ago. “We’ve all known each other for 30 years,” he says. “Our kids have all grown up together. We’ve been to barbecues together, and weddings, and divorces, and births of our children. For it to end in such a hostile way, it’s just mind-boggling. I just don’t understand it.”

We spoke with Tate about his difficult final days in Queensryche, the business disagreements that drove them apart, their backstage fight in Brazil, the upcoming lawsuit over the name rights and his future plans as a solo artist.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/exclusive-q-a-geoff-tate-on-queensryches-ugly-split-backstage-brawl-in-brazil-20120626#ixzz1ywBMB7YC

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