Carved Into Stone

[Long Branch Records]

In the late 80’s a band emerged from NYC’s underground and changed the metal world in a big way. Led by guitarist/vocalist Tommy Victor’s angst-fueled snarl and forward-thinking riffing, Prong became a source of inspirations for the like of Pantera, Korn, Fear Factory and many others acts who went on to become household names. Prong’s early 90’s releases, Beg To Differ, Prove You Wrong and the breakthrough Cleansing are still regarded as untouchable classics. After Cleansing, the band seemed to fade from the spotlight and Victor’s involvement with Ministry and Danzig overshadowed a pair of 2K releases that went largely unnoticed. With Carved In Stone, Prong will go unheard no longer. Backed by bassist Tony Campos [Static X] and drummer Alexei Rodriguez [3 Inches of Blood], the riff-monster that is Tommy Victor roars back onto the scene with an album that not only serves as a pummeling reminder of the band’s past, but also re-solidifies Prong as one of metal’s most creative forces. From the blistering “fuck-you” to anyone who would question Prong’s return that is “Eternal Heat,” to re-visitations of the band’s pioneering early days like “Revenge Served Cold” and “Subtract,” Carved Into Stone encompasses everything that Prong has ever been or will be. Where many “comeback” albums are little more than attempts to capitalize on one’s laurels, Prong has returned to push the envelope farther than they ever have. – Ryan Ogle, editor, Music Insider Magazine

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