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Our band is pumped to go out on tour, however, one of our other band members is not. We’re starting to really develop a following and to stop now may ruin it for us. How do you handle this lack of enthusiasm?

Signed, The touring whore

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Rolf suggests, “You have to have an honest conversation asap and determine if it’s a deal breaker. To avoid this, I would regularly ask folks in the band “What should we stop, start or continue”. This way there are never any surprises such as “I don’t really like/want to tour”. In this case, chances are you need to find a replacement and establish a transition with the person who does not want to continue to include shows he/she will complete and that you are going to look for a replacement.

An anonymous person wrote, “Questions? Is this band member essential? Does he or she have rights to music composition and or recording production? Is it a family problem or a phobia? Will hiring a touring replacement fulfill the bands needs? Band mates can be replaced or just substituted. It’s just a matter of tact and legal ease. Leave ego and anger out of it. Done right the fans will hardly notice or even care. Especially if your band is just starting it’s climb towards success.

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