Music collaboration platform BeatConnect announces $2.25M investment round

BeatConnect, the collaborative music creation platform, is excited to announce a significant milestone: securing $2.25 million CAD in funding ahead of its innovative relaunch. This investment round, supported by a diverse group of strategic investors from the tech and music industries—including Sfermion, FICC, Anges Québec, and Triptyq Capital—marks a pivotal moment for BeatConnect. The platform, renowned for enabling real-time global music collaboration, is set to revolutionize music creation with a gamified approach, redefining the way musicians, producers, and vocalists connect and create together.

The spring 2024 relaunch will introduce a comprehensive overhaul of BeatConnect’s mDAW (multiplayer Digital Audio Workstation), incorporating new functionalities and harnessing the Unity game engine to infuse its music production experience with engaging gaming elements. This platform evolution embodies BeatConnect’s commitment to innovation and their belief in the transformative impact of merging music creation with gaming dynamics.

“Sfermion is committed to supporting intelligent, interactive, and immersive technologies that are building our digital future,” says Dan Patterson, Board Member of lead investor Sfermion. “BeatConnect’s deliberate focus on enhancing the user’s creative process through UX design sets them apart from other online collaboration platforms.”

“We are grateful to have the support of some of the most forward-thinking investors in digital entertainment and tech,” says BeatConnect Co-Founder Alexandre Turbide. “The upcoming enhancements will broaden access to music creation, fostering new creative possibilities while focusing on the fun of making music.”

About BeatConnect

At the forefront of online music collaboration, BeatConnect unites creators globally with its multiplayer DAW. They are transforming music production by offering tools like Multiplayer Plugins and a Shared Sequencer. The platform isn’t just changing the way music is made; it’s cultivating a community where innovation, creativity, and collaboration flourish.

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