MALEVOLENT CREATION reveals cover artwork and details on new album ‘Dead Man’s Path’


Let loose the dogs of war!!

The wait will soon be over: Five years after the release of their last studio album, MALEVOLENT CREATION are back with a vengeance. The band’s new masterpiece, ‘Dead Man’s Path’, will be released worldwide via Century Media Records on September 18th. Expect nothing but a ferocious, riff-driven and relentlessly uncompromising death/thrash massacre. The cover artwork was done by tattoo artist German Latorres ( and perfectly captures the evil vibe of the album.Detailed info on the various formats of ‘Dead Man’s Path’ (incl. vinyl color splits) will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.No one can destroy this Malevolent Creation!!MALEVOLENT CREATION Line-Up:
Brett Hoffmann – vocals
Phil Fasciana – guitars
Gio Geraca – guitars
Jason Blachowicz – bass
Justin DiPinto – drums

MALEVOLENT CREATION Discography (studio albums only):
The Ten Commandments (1991)
Retribution (1992)
Stillborn (1993)
Eternal (1995)
In Cold Blood (1997)
The Fine Art Of Murder (1998)
Envenomed (2000)
The Will To Kill (2002)
Warkult (2004)
Doomsday X (2007)
Invidious Dominion (2010)
Dead Man’s Path (2015)


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