If Your Music Rocks … So Should Your Social Media

 by Cris Cohen, Bands To Fans

here are bands whose music has passion and soul. Their concerts are filled with energy and excitement. And their posts on Facebook look like something from a DVD player instruction manual.

This is music we’re talking about. Not accounting. Music connects with people on an emotional level. A band’s social media should reflect that. It should have vitality… almost a life of its own.

One way that I help my clients with their social media is to create concert posters. Sure, they all have their tour schedules listed on their websites and on special tabs on their Facebook pages. But I think it is really important to go a step beyond that, to convey some excitement about the upcoming show. For instance, why just type in some text saying that you are playing on New Year’s Eve,  when you can tell people with something like this:

I believe that concerts can be magical experiences. They are transcendent nights where the music, the band, the crowd, and the lights all mesh together to create moments that are greater than the sum of their parts. Why not try to express that when you promote your shows? Most social media services allow you to post images. Create one that conveys why this night will be special.

And this technique does not have to be reserved just for concerts. I have also booked my clients to do clinics at music stores and have created posters to help promote those events as well. There’s nothing wrong with posting a message along the lines of “Hey, everyone, I’m doing a clinic this week! Come on down!” But why not go the extra step and pair it on Twitter and Google+ with something like this:

This isn’t some insurance seminar that you have to trick people into attending. It is an opportunity to see a talented musician talk about her craft and express her love of music. Show that. Your posts, messages, and announcements can be as artful as your songs.

If your music rocks, so should your social media.

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