Gundacker Project

David Gundacker grew up in Anchorage Alaska and began playing guitar and drums at age 10. Later he and his brother joined a band called Hydra who quickly released a three-song demo which they entered in a homegrown album contest and won! … Eventually Dave moved to California where he started a band called NVS. NVS became a Bay Area hit in the local club scene where they opened for big name acts like; Mr. Big, Y&T, Lita Ford, Don Dokken, just to name a few and Dave received a full endorsement from Jackson Guitars and Dean Markley guitar strings. NVS did eventually go the way of all the Glam/Hair Metal bands as did the Bay Area music scene. A few years ago Dave decided to join a local cover band called OTR with fellow Bay Area music veteran Drummer Craig Martin. After playing in OTR for a while he knew his heart was still into writing, recording and performing original music so he decided to start up the Gundacker Project. Dave already had a catalog of original music he’d been writing he just needed to put a band together. When Dave saw singer Timothy J perform at a local all star jam and remembered him from the Bay Area Rock scene of the 80’s and 90’s. He asked Tim to record and perform for the Gundacker Project. Dave then asked fellow OTR band members Drummer Craig Martin and Keyboardist/Singer Megan Gluhan to join. He then recruited veteran Bay Area Bassist Win the Bass Maiden and last but not least asked Megan’s guitarist/boyfriend Ryan Bernstein to join. The Gundacker Project was born. This band packs an electrical charge into its melodic Hard Rock encompassing great hooks and full vocal harmonies. Frontman Timothy J literally brings a flame thrower to the stage with his ring master presence and powerful voice. Dave’s razor sharp guitar leads blast jolts of high energy that could fill any Rock Arena. Drummer, and heartbeat of the band, Craig Martin pounds with animalistic abandon while Win The Bass Maiden holds on to the driver’s wheel as much as she glides along the stage. Keyboardist/singer Megan Gluhan’s beautiful, soulful voice along with her stylistic keyboard playing adds another dimension and frosting to Gundacker Project’s Hard Melodic Rock while Guitarist Ryan Berstein holds down sold as a rock rhythm so Dave can soar!

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