Growing Your Fan Base

Business development (targeted outreach)
by Hank Stroll

  • Associations – Associations are probably the best place to go to find the largest number of email addresses. Establishing a relationship with the association, and allowing their message to become a part of your newsletter/, you may be able to send the newsletter to their entire mailing list. This could literally grow your list by thousands over night. And all of the recipients would be highly targeted.
  • Partners – Partners might be interested in sending your newsletter to their email list in exchange for banner ads or newsletter sponsorships. This would be a great way to both deepen relationships and to reach out to new prospects.
  • Sponsorships – Sponsorships can be bartered to companies whose customers or clients would be interested in your services. In exchange for your providing them with exposure, they could give you a list of email addresses.
  • Co-Branding of newsletter – Offering a co-branding option to any of the above targets might be the incentive needed to obtain larger target lists. Your targeted company is offered an opportunity for your high quality newsletter to be sent to THEIR mailing list free of charge and under THEIR brand (along with yours.) You maintain control over ALL content in the newsletter, including YOUR calls to action and ads.

Your co-brand company’s presence in the newsletter is:

  • Their call-to-action (ad) in the newsletter/. Placement is negotiable
  • From line of the email lists THEIR name. Since you are sending it to THEIR mailing list, the possibility of the recipient viewing the newsletter/ as spam is lessened.
  • Editorial corner lists their choice of editor and an introduction from them.

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