Representing their commitment to developing the next generation of high-efficiency accessories for drums and other musical instruments, renowned sound engineer Sam Millender and Sonic ReVision have unveiled the latest advance for acoustic drums: The BOOM CRD.

The Compound Resonance Driver (CRD) is a state-of-the-art device that shapes and multiplies the resonance of any bass drum— significantly increasing the amplitude of the fundamental and lower frequencies and providing a louder, fatter, fuller, more intense sound. Not only will drummers love the improvement in their bass drum tone, they can now achieve a bigger sound with a smaller drum.

The exclusive design of The BOOM CRD provides several acoustic upgrades, including:

* Integration of a flexible material that actively reacts and amplifies each note.

* Application of additional mass and dampening to the drum head, lowering the pitch and focusing the sound.

* Easy installation on any ported bass drum head due to its innovative magnetic mounting system.

More effective yet less expensive than a second bass drum and other bass drum enhancement products, The BOOM CRD will be on display at Sonic ReVision in booth 199 at the Music City Drum Show in Nashville on July 19 and 20, 2024. Coming soon to leading drumshops, The BOOM CRD is used and endorsed by Brian Collier, Billy “Shoes” Johnson, Thomas Pridgen, Kevin Rapillo, Darin James and many more.

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