Cocaine Moustache

On The Mirror

[Reversed Records]


Yet another in a long line of bands who plop down AC/DC inspired drum beats, overly-bluesy hard rock riffs and vocals that try too hard to be soulful and whiskey-soaked, Vancouver’s Cocaine Moustache pours a bottle of rotgut whiskey down the front of your stereo with their debut, On The Mirror. The energy is there and the music is even entertaining at times, but this sort of thing has been done to death and the band’s gimmicky approach makes the album even less appealing. Singer White Willie Sniffsum tries his damnedest to convince us he’s got a style comparable to Phil Anselmo’s work with Down or Clutch’s Neil Fallon at his grittiest, but he just doesn’t cut the mustard. While I’m sure we all appreciate the constant reminders that we’re “getting druuuuuuuuuuuuuuunk today” on “Out of My Hands,” I honestly wish I would have passed out halfway through the song. The rest of the band, drummer Dr. Cleanplate, guitarists Bill “Hundred Dollar” Rollins and Schnick Von-Schlutzzz and bassist Vinnie Railtrail kick out some decent jams, their nicknames suggest they might have been a little too wired to step outside generi-rock’s confining box. Leave this one on your mirror. Leave it anywhere but in your CD player. – Ryan Ogle, editor, Music Insider Magazine

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