Blood Moon

Bloodmoon is a 3-piece band from San Luis Obispo, CA. Peter Tomis on Guitar/Vocals, Jason Goldie on Drums/Vocals and Patrick Mulholland on Bass. In March of this year they self-released a 6 song EP titled Orenda which has been described by Sludgelord as “Blending top-notch Sludge/Stoner/Doom/Post-Metal riffs with spell-binding vocals to match. The 5 songs on show are all great examples of this bands talent at writing and performing trippy based sludge metal you don’t hear much of these days.” With a sound derivative of almost any heavy genre, yet still molding itself into a boundless form, Bloodmoon have terrorized the West coast with huge tone and riffs for the past 3 years. Currently they are preparing a full-length album to be released in 2013 as well as gearing up for a tour of the Pacific North West this coming November.

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