ArtistWorks Releases New Free “Approach Notes” Lesson From Chuck Loeb’s Upcoming Online Jazz Guitar School

April 9, 2014 – NAPA, CA – Fourplay Guitarist, Chuck Loeb, is on track to launch his new Online Jazz Guitar School with ArtistWorks in mid-April.  The hallmark of all ArtistWorks online music and art schools is that you can not only learn from artists of Chuck’s caliber, but you can submit practice videos for Chuck to review and give you personalized video feedback.

ArtistWorks has released this all new sample video lesson so you can get a taste of Chuck’s approach to teaching.

This sneak preview lesson from the new online jazz guitar school is called “Approach Notes” and it is one of over 150 pre-recorded lessons he provides.

“Approach Notes” are a way to introduce notes outside of the key so you can incorporate some chromaticism into your jazz lines.

The curriculum in the new Online Jazz Guitar School with Chuck Loeb contains individual lessons that take players step by step from the absolute beginner level through advanced. The focus is to simplify complicated scales and modes and make jazz improv an effortless endeavor.

Click here to get “Approach Notes” free. If you’d like to sign up for Chuck’s new online school, we’re offering 10% off if you pre-order before April 16th. Thanks to Chuck and ArtistWorks’ Video Exchange platform, you can get personalized feedback from a master player and finally become the jazz guitarist you always wanted to be.

About ArtistWorks, Inc.

In 2008, former AOL executive David Butler set out to finally master jazz guitar. With no acceptable teachers in his area, he built a revolutionary online system to enable anyone to get direct feedback from a master teacher anywhere in the world.  Today, ArtistWorks, Inc. is the leader in a new generation of online learning platforms. This “next generation” Video Exchange™ Feedback Platform enables world renowned artists and musicians to “teach the world” by presenting their artistic legacy in the form of HD video lessons and direct feedback to subscribing students. Utilizing simple web cams, smartphones, tablets or video cameras, students are able to submit practice videos and get individualized video feedback and guidance from their teaching artists – creating a constantly evolving two-way, online learning experience

ArtistWorks currently offers schools from such world-class artists as: Paul Gilbert (rock guitar lessons), Martin Taylor (fingerstyle guitar lessons), Jason Vieaux (classical guitar lessons), Andreas Oberg (jazz guitar lessons), Jeannie Deva (singing lessons), Nathan Cole (violin lessons), Jeffrey Khaner (flute lessons), William Caballero (French horn lessons), David Bilger (trumpet lessons), Ricardo Morales (clarinet lessons), Nathan East (electric bass lessons), John Patitucci (jazz bass lessons), Howard Levy (harmonica lessons), DJ Qbert (DJ lessons), Christie Peery (piano lessons), Billy Cobham (jazz and fusion drum lessons), Luis Conte (percussion lessons), as well as the ArtistWorks Academy of Bluegrass with Tony Trischka (banjo lessons), Missy Raines (double bass lessons), Bryan Sutton (flatpick guitar lessons), Andy Hall (Dobro lessons), Mike Marshall (mandolin lessons), Darol Anger (fiddle lessons), and Justin BUA (art lessons). For more information, visit

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