August 2012

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Your music connection to integrated marketing



Introducing Musician Master Classes

Want to mentor ... or be mentored?

Music Insider Magazine announces a new service to connect music mentors to musicians who want to increase their chops.

 Music Insider Magazine

Good musicians of all skill levels have an internal drive to improve ... constantly jamming, practicing and performing ... learning new licks, hooks or making their standard riffs better. Listening to their peers and talking amongst themselves about theory and technique is critical to their own musical growth.

Many musicians credit master classes as one of the most important things they do to improve. Some musicians both mentor others and take classes for themselves.

Music Insider Magazine (MIM) is putting together a network of your peers to offer master classes. These take place in a real world environment or in a virtual world via the internet. Live one to one or group instruction with a world class musician is now possible via the web or in a real world setting.

Our virtual studio allows teacher and students to connect with each other in a live interactive setting, complete with professional sound and video quality that is almost like being in the same room.

If you are looking for students or a teacher, MIM will connect you with a musician who will fit your musical taste and vision. Voice coaches and instruction for all rock instruments are available. All sessions are recorded for you to play back later.

It costs nothing to check us out.


Hank Stroll
Music Insider Magazine

P.S. Teachers - We promote your talent/expertise by sponsoring a complimentary virtual group session to our subscribers to showcase your talent.

P.P.S. As icing on the cake, each session is recorded and shared for student and teacher follow-up.